Debt Comes From Latin, Meaning Death

Yesterday after sending out my newsletter I received an email from my business coach (see her site below) sent me the following message:

"Debt is Latin for death. So when we speak of debt we quantify how we will kill ourselves and our life to keep ourselves in the jail of debt or debtors jails across many lifetimes. Instead of calling it debt and killing yourself have gratitude for investing  in your future and call it past expenditure. People understand how they kill their lives and joy by accumulating debt as an excuse to not be accountable for their choices." ~ Sarah Jane Farrell, Founder,

I'm really excited about the teleclass in a few hours. We go live in 12 hours and I really can't wait to share what I've learned about debt and past life connections to debtors prisons, which were only abolished in the 1800s.

Some of us have been in debtors prisons in past lives and may have died in those prisons and so our souls feel the need to finish serving the sentence by recreating the same pattern by keeping ourselves tethered to the spirit of debt.