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Wealthy Money, helps women unlock their inner money guru so they can build wealth with ease and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

We do this by helping them heal their ancestral money stories, feel calm about managing and handling money so they can increase savings and fall in love with their bank accounts.

We provide the emotional, spiritual and practical tools in the form of coaching, courses and retreats, for fellow adventurers to live the life they truly want.




I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you’re here today.

My name is Vangile Makwakwa; in the last 5 years I've paid off US$60,000 in debt, became a home-owner, published a book, got a yoga teaching certificate, been featured in various media and embarked on a new journey as a #suitcase entrepreneur.

I have lived in over 6 countries (USA, South Africa, the UK, South Korea, India, Thailand) and travelled to way more countries over the years as I build my company.

I use this blog and website to share my journey, connect with fellow life travellers and help others that are in the same situation as I was by sharing solid financial strategies and helping people understand that wealth isn't just about money.


I spent the first quarter of my life following the path everyone told me was necessary for success.


So you can only imagine my shock when I found myself with an MBA degree, unemployed and debt in excess of US$60,000 (ZAR 600,000).

Despite being a finance undergrad, I had poor spending habits, a failing start-up company, was alienated from family and friends and I had a very unhealthy relationship with money.

I spent years working hard to advance my education and move up the career ladder. But instead of fulfilment, it left me broke, sick, miserable, desperate, and feeling very alone.

It wasn't until I saw the connection between my worry and my finances, through meditation, that my situation began to change.

The little known secret to greater wealth is this: your finances are directly related to your emotions.

How you make, spend, save, and invest money is affected by your emotional state.

What helped me turn the corner in my personal finances is counter-intuitive to most people under financial pressure...I stopped trying to get rich.

I started focusing on changing the way I felt about money and which led to develop the 12 Keys to Wealthy Money and to a publishing deal for my book, Heart Mind & Money.



How can you make money doing what you love?

If you’re like most people under the age of 35, you dream about living your purpose and being paid for doing what you love - following your passion, travelling, investing, or starting a new business without going broke.

You know you should feel grateful for all you have in your life, but you catch yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed about money often.



Building a Nest Egg Is Easier Than You Think


It’s not enough to just think positively.

We also have to stop using money as a tool to gain others’ approval or feel better about ourselves.

Once we put this mind-set into practice, it’s much easier to get out of debt and start building a nest egg.

The proof is that I paid off US$60,000 (R600,000) and became a suitcase entrepreneur in a space of four years.

By changing our thoughts and emotions about what we think money can do for us, it becomes easier to change the way we make, save and invest money:

  • First, connect with your vision emotionally 

  • Next, question your thoughts, especially worry about money

  • Live with purpose & nurture positive emotions 

  • Take constant action 

  • Finally, live with purpose (change your behaviour)

When you align your thoughts and emotions with your vision (gold tabs), it becomes easier to budget, create extra streams of income, save money, and invest (orange tabs).

When you align your thoughts and emotions with your vision (gold tabs), it becomes easier to budget, create extra streams of income, save money, and invest (orange tabs).

Here You’ll Find Practical Ways to Kiss Money Worries Goodbye


My experience and research on money resulted in a publishing deal for my book “Heart, Mind & Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success.”

Not only did I pull myself out of financial debt, but I’m steadily building the life I dreamed of, during all those years of financial stress.

Wealthy-Money.com is here to help you create the life you want and deserve to have (you just don’t see it yet).

I share my travel experiences, spiritual insights and financial tips on the blog and newsletter.

If you identify with my story or want to create a life you love, then I urge you to sign-up for my monthly newsletter below.

This is an example of “taking constant action,” one of the Keys to Wealthy Money.

I share strategies with you that continually allow me to do the things I love, live life on purpose (without starving), and save money to invest in a better future.

Implementing these monthly money tips and strategies can make an impact both now and in your future (the only thing smarter is to buy my ebook and begin reading through the material immediately).


My mission is to partner with you on your journey to holistic wealth creation as you:

  • Create financial freedom, freedom of movement, freedom to travel and freedom to live life on your own terms

  • Fall in love with your bank account

  • Make a life instead of just making a living

  • Make the most of your resources and create a truly magical life

  • Invest money in alignment with your values

  • Have an incredible relationship with money and move beyond frugality to guilt free spending



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