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Why Some People Get What They Ask For & Others Struggle

Why Some People Get What They Ask For & Others Struggle

“Why does it seem like other people get what they ask for and I just struggle?”

That’s a question I received a few months ago in my inbox.

The question refers to the #AskTuesday discussions that I run in the Wealthy Money Magicians Facebook group.

In the group, people ask the universe for their heart’s desires and then give feedback on #WinningWednesday.

Some people have wild breakthroughs and get what they ask for with ease and speed, whilst some people struggle to get what they want, which can be really frustrating.

I sometimes fall into the group that struggles to get what they want but I’ve learned to just trust the journey and relax.

In Order to Receive We Have to Be Courageous Enough to Ask

In Order to Receive We Have to Be Courageous Enough to Ask

For years when I was in high school, people would ask me:

 "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

As an A student it always shocked people that I wanted to write, float around the world, sleep on the beach, speak to weird beings/ entities and smoke weed...

How Spirituality Impacts Our Finances

How Spirituality Impacts Our Finances

We are all connected to wealth and we are all connected to poverty. We are all connected to health and we are all connected to disease. The soul wants to experience all these things.

Your soul is not just connected to other souls in this life but to other versions of you in other life times and other dimensions.

How Our Financial Expectations Influence Our Financial Outcomes

Financial expectations influence our financial outcomes

The good news is that the eCourse opens for registration in 10 days on May 25th and I’ll be sharing a lot around that in the next few days.

The other good news is that my spirit of money and I are talking again and we’re having really deep conversations in the Lesson 0 meditations in the #MoneyMagic eCourse.

A few weeks ago I shared how money asked me to go from lover to husband and how that led to a total meltdown and a break in our conversation.

I also shared how this felt like I was in the middle of a relationship with an actual lover and how this was my normal reaction to any conversation about commitment. 


This time I decided to woman up and actually face my commitment fears


I went back to the spirit of money meditations and had a conversation with money about all this. 

Money pointed out, that all he’d asked was to move into husband status and I’d created a whole story about what that meant. 

Apparently money assumed husband status meant a deeper commitment and trust from my side but I decided that meant something else which led to a conversation on expectations.

Money explained that I live a life filled with expectations and these expectations influence my behaviour in different parts of my life. 

Our stories create expectations and these expectations influence our behaviour


In my world, commitment is a dirty little word.

To me a deeper commitment or marriage means staying put, coming home at a set time and being in one place forever.

It means slowing down the pace at which I explore life, so I can do it with the other person.

It means having a curfew to come home and being this woman who suddenly cooks dinner every night because that's what is expected of me.

Because: "Adulting 101."


committing to a deeper relationship with money can be scary


I wasn’t sure what a marriage and committing to money meant, but a part of me did feel it would be boring and stifling, which scared me.

A love affair and romance with money sounds so much more exciting and liberating.

But then money pointed out something - I was speaking as though deeper commitment was a prison and that committing would change me into a version of me I didn't recognise. 

Where was I in all this? 

Where was my power in all this?

So money asked me to define what a marriage looks like for me,

Some possibilities require commitment to things (relationships, jobs, money, gym). 


I leave you with the same questions money left me with:

What does deeper commitment to money look like to you? 

What are your fears and dark expectations on really connecting and having a greater relationship with money?

Who would you be if you let go of these expectations and stories of what a deeper commitment to money looks like? 

What becomes possible for you financially when you release these expectation and stories?

I made it to Dubai in one piece

I made it to Dubai safely on Saturday! Yay!!


Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my luggage, which was lost for a while, and will apparently be arriving some time today.

As I type this, I should be at a conference that I'm speaking at tomorrow, but I have no clean clothes or decent shoes so I'm waiting for my luggage so I can start living and exploring the city.

Receiving my luggage and clean underwear, will be the best birthday gift.


Today is my birthday and I'll be spending the day at a conference and preparing my speech for tomorrow.

I have no clue how this always happens to me - how I always find myself in a foreign country where I don't know a human soul, on my birthday.

I'm pretty sure I'll know tons of people by the time I leave...I've never left a country without making strong human connections with the locals or the expats.

I so plan to celebrate my born day with a Desert Safari on Thursday or Friday.


Celebrate my birthday month with me


Instead of gifts on my birthday, I'm asking everyone to join me in a 30 day gifting challenge throughout the month of April.

If you’ve been following my journey then you know that I became debt free at the end of 2014, which was also the year that I did a 200 days of gifting challenge by myself (only my close friends knew).

I really don't think it's coincidence that I became debt free at the same time I was doing this challenge.

Last year, I was joined by others from the Wealthy Money tribe and they also experienced some miraculous shifts. So if you feel stuck, I really recommend this.

The challenge starts Wednesday, April 5th but you can sign up at any time between now and May 4th.

Click on the video below to learn more and join in the fun: