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Are You Playing Not To Lose Or Are You Playing To Win?

Are You Playing Not To Lose Or Are You Playing To Win?

Last year at the Thai Retreat, Mizo said something really powerful: "Black women know how to hold each other in pain but we don't know how to hold each other in expansion and joy."

I felt that.

We had a deep conversation about this in the #MoneyMagic student group and we were all triggered by the insights we got as we delved deeper on this topic of expansion and being alone at the top.

We spend so much energy holding ourselves back so we can be loved.

This energy we use to keep ourselves small is exhausting, this exhaustion of limiting ourselves is showing up in our bodies and causing physical energy blocks and it’s affecting our health.

The exhaustion shows up as deep anger and frustration about money.

It shows up as resentment in families, especially where money is concerned.

What To Do When You Tire Of Doing The Inner Work & Being Financially Responsible

What To Do When You Tire Of Doing The Inner Work & Being Financially Responsible

One of the Money Magic students recently asked if I don't I get tired of doing the inner work and the money work.

Of course, I get tired!

Inner work is hard on most days.

I don’t always want to meditate or look at my finances or show up for Wealthy Money work.

Sometimes I want to stay and in bed and do nothing.

And to be honest, when I feel like that I do stay in bed or I hop on a plane or a scooter and go on an epic adventure.

But, as the saying goes - I always take myself on all those adventures and my problems follow me, so at some point I get back to doing the inner work.

I realized when I was heavily in debt that I could do all the practical money stuff and see some shifts, but if I wanted the major shifts, I needed to commit to the inner work and that nothing would change until I changed whatever was blocking me internally,

And this is one of the reasons I keep doing the inner work.

How To Build An Authentic Brand

How To Build An Authentic Brand

I often get people asking me how I was able to build a company that allows me to travel.

I think the real question people are asking is: how did I build a company where people pay me for huge ticket items like retreats and coaching without ever having met me in person?

The short answer is: branding and having a really good brand manager.

My sister, Honey Makwakwa, the founder of Sangoma Society, is my branding manager and she was one of the first people to teach me about the importance of an authentic brand when it comes to building a company.

So I invited her onto a Facebook live to share her knowledge with us.

Here are 7 powerful lessons that she shared with us about building an authentic brand:

Your Energy Is Your Currency

Your Energy Is Your Currency

A few months ago, my friend Wanda, the founder of the Black Women Travel Podcast, said something interesting to me, “We can mirror a successful person and take the exact actions that they take, but that doesn't mean that we're going to get the same results that they get.”

I've been thinking about this lately, because I spent the first 28 years of my life doing what I was told would make me successful and it didn’t work for me.

I went to university, got a finance degree, got an MBA, studied entrepreneurship, wrote the 30 page business plan, got an A in the business planning class, got a board of directors and my business still failed.

In fact, I was a mess from running that business. I was stressed and had daily panic attacks.

When the business failed, I tried to get an investment banking job with all my qualifications and still couldn’t get a foot in the door.

When I decided to follow my passion and be a writer (ironically the failed business was a writing and spoken word business), I was told that it would be easier to get a publishing deal if I was a successful blogger.

So I did what all smart people do - I followed all the successful bloggers who wrote about being a successful blogger and copied all they told me to do.

I read tons of blog posts, I did exactly what the top bloggers said I should do - I studied Search Engine Optimization, signed up for blogging courses, learned how to write the right eye catching headlines, but I still couldn’t get the same results.

I’d talk about the same things they did, I even tried to write the same way they wrote and it just didn’t work.

I couldn’t grow my blog traffic beyond a certain point. I was stuck.

I felt cursed!

It took me a while to realize that people respond to our energy not our actions.